Monday, November 30, 2009

the Inspiration!

Well, guess its already December.. kinda a bit late to post this Art project, but when the festivals arrive, there's just things to do that kept you busy.
As a reminder to all of you who are a fan of this blog, December month is going to be hectic for me as I might be traveling here and there. But I still have some Art I'm currently doing and I might show it to all of you in about few days time. Probably, if I'm in luck, I might just dedicate one post for all the many Arts I might find during my travel. Well, let see how it goes. *winks*

Ok, back to the project. This project came to the idea when 2 of my good friends were going to celebrate their birthdays. And so, I was thinking of creating a Card Holder/Sculpture. The design of the card holders were based upon the things that reminded me a lot of them. Fath has been a good friend of mine since we were in Form 1, and I started to know Lan, from Fiqa and he seems to be the one very happy go lucky amongst the guys in our group. Thus, from all of that, came the Inspiration.

I will elaborated more on the card holders further down together with the pictures, so let's move on to the Materials used for this project.

1. Paper Clay
2. CardBoard Circle base
3. Cutter
4. Steel Wire
5. Water as for gluing
6. Poster Colour
7. Clear Spray
8. Coloured Papers for the Card

Tips: It is best not to work in an air-cond room or with the fan on. The clay will dry faster. But if u wish to turn it on, just sprinkle water everything you leave it unattended. Water is the best for gluing and also helps to soften the clay a bit so that it is easier to mould. To curled up the the steel wire, it is best to use a pencil to guide you. And to make sure the colour is permanent so that it doesnt run down, Clear sprayed it. It helps the clay to give a shiny look.

Now, let's go to the end product, Tadaaa...

the Overall Look.
( the pictures are a bit shaking coz I was in a hurry to get this done)


 Design no.1 : 
the Chocolate Cake with drooling Raspberry Cream and Lemon Flavoured Smiley Faces
( for Lan, the happy-go-lucky dude), the 2nd picture shows the backside of the sculpture.


Design no.2:
Happy Two Friends in an Open Green Field of a Playground.
( for Fath, who has been a good friend of mine ) Loving the Colourful Words on the tree bark.

the Card Holders and the Cards.
the Card for each design is the continuation of the concept for the holders. the Steel wire acts as a string for the balloons above which sticks on the card itself. Get it? Cake with balloon & confetti, the friends with the skies & balloon. well, nvrmnd! humhum..

the Cards, up close.

Love how the Card Holders look? Well, why not try and make them yourself! Instead of buying it from the typical art shop that will cost about RM25 or RM30, hey, the clay is only RM4.50. So, go figure! Hehe. 

Hum, I feel like make another one. Maybe for a Valentines Day later on next year? Ohh..that'll be so cute with the hearts & kisses made from clay. Ow well, lets just wait and see for the next coming art that I'll make..

Enjoy your ArtDay
Tuddless Everyone~

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Yes, the Chandelier is done, well, although I said before it was a Flower, Bees & Butterflies Chandelier, it not really a chandelier, its sort of like a mixture of a wind-chime and a chandelier. To make it sound a bit spectacular, I'd called it that. Haha. Lame!
I wanna tell u just a little bit of history on the idea of this project. It was originally my college assignment, and the subject was Design Principles. There's shape, colour, composition, Balance, and yada yada... So, this was actually an assignment of Balance. It looks quite a simple task to do, but it wasnt, really. Once you stick everything on the string, it might not be balance, that's where you have got to figure out which is the heavier object and where to stick it to make it balance. But, you can always repair the positions of the string, whether to push it further away or closer to the fulcrum( the center point). Haha, Gezz, what's science gotta do with all of this. Well, that was just a lil bit information I can tell you, if you wish to try tho.

Alright then, proceed to the materials used for this project. There are :
1. Small tree Branches - peel the outer layer.
2. Colored Papers and Translucent Paper - for the flowers & butterflies wings
3. Black & White Mounting Board - for the bees & butterflies bodies
4. Yellow Poster Color - to color the stripes on the bees
5. Black Nylon Strings

Tips: I would suggest it'll be better to prepare all the ornaments first. Then, tie up the strings to the tree branch. Start sticking everything and lastly, move the knots/hanging strings to achieve balance.

 Quite the same pictures, because I want to capture all sides. It was tough!
( the wind was blown hard.. Oh, no wonder!)

A couple of close-ups I could get.. :)

Give it a try, or even create a real wind-chime by using perspex or small bells to replace the papers n mounting boards, anything possible. So, sentence of the day?....
Make your own art. Design & Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Hooray, finally! I get to finish the project that I have waited so long to do. Well, it's not the Chandelier that I told y'all previously. Sadly, it is still under construction though. Will try my best to finish it soon. Okay, for today's post, as the title said : Fashion.Stuff 
Its not really fashion stuff, like those shopblog selling clothes & accessories. Its is actually a Greeting Card. These greeting cards have miniature dresses & accessories on them. :)

I had the idea to do so a few months ago, but I was just to caught up doing other things that were relevant to my profession. Haha. And so,  I found these twisted papers, some are printed ones and some are the plain coloured ones. People used them to make bows or used it as ribbons, but I have other ideas to use it for. And also, a fews days ago I found some few beads that I have which I was supposed to use them for my prom dress. Well, lets just say it looked ugly on it. So, it'd used this for my cards instead.

The materials I use to make the Cards  - Corrugated Paper, Black Shimmering Paper, Coloured Paper, Printed & Non-Printed Twisted Paper, Fish Nets and Beads. :)

I took me 2 days to complete all the cards. And I have to say, Im absolutely thrilled with the results. Most of the fashion cards ( a cute name for it) that I made consist of dresses, vest, and other. Would like to go deep into this, and create more that just that. Felt like making one with a miniature boyfren's shirt on it. That'll be cute! but I haven't got the materials yet. Ill be sure to look through the fashion's style there is now and make miniature one then stick it on a card! Haha.
Alright then, enough with my babbling and lets proceed to the pictures!

the Overall Look~

I love to take loads of the Fashion Cards pics~

Design 1: Flowery Dress with faulty Pearl Necklace~
Design 2: Red Dress at night

Design 3: a country Red and Black Vest

Design 4: a Small Gift Card - Brown Hat, Flowers on Grass, a Letter&Necklace
(well, the Flowers on Grass dont really fit the theme, but its cool when you joined them both together, it sort of like have its own story, Hats with flowers, flowery necklace.. Get it? )

It is best to sketch your ideas on paper,  and also best to make a template. Create your own template or print it, anyway you like it. So, get your creative minds thinking, and make your own set of fashion cards! Enjoy Crafting & Happy Viewing~

Monday, October 05, 2009

the Gardens

I was thinking of posting this tomorrow, but I was just too excited making this project that I wanna post a blog for it the soonest. So, here it goes. The theme for this project is 'the Gardens', I browsed through my favourite arts& craft books, and found a few things that I might wanna used for the theme. Well, it is mostly Invitations Cards for a Garden Party, but there's the Flowers,Bees&Butterflies Chandelier which is still underconstruction and I will not put in together for this post. Just wait and see these couple of days, if I can manage to finish it and I'll try post it the quickest I can for all viewing.

In the intro, I did mention about the art book that I refer most doing this craft. If you can, buy the book! It's an interesting book if you're excited 'bout making Cards and Gift Wrappers. Wanna know the name of the book? 1) Handmade Gift Cards by Cheryl Owen and 2) Creative Gift Wrapping by Gill Dickinson. Find it, and you wont be disappointed! I'm sure...
Alright, back to the project. The first Craft that I made is the 3D Flower Cards. It's so cute, and pretty, and nice to be set as a Door Gift, Invitations, or a simple Table Centre Piece, if you like. As for me, I would like it being an Invitation Card. There are 3 types of design that I made, a simple Daisy, double Daisy and also Small Weed Flower. I jazzed up the Flower Pot by putting a wood cover made from Balsa Wood.

the 3D Flower Cards
 the Single Red Daisy
 the Double Purple Daisy
 the Small Weed Flower

The 2nd type of Invitation Card that I made is a sort-of like a 3D but it looks 2D at the same time. It's a 1 Flower Piece Card, and there are 2 types, a White Daisy Folded Card and a Sunflower 1 Piece Card. I specially made this interactive by making the Petals rotable. You can play with the Flowers! Its a rather simple design front but I really like the flowers! Wow, Im so flower power today~..

the White Daisy Folded Card

the Sunflower 1 Piece Card

Tell me watcha think 'bout the Invitation Cards I design, and I hope you all like it. Do give some feedback as I will try to improve my art skill and will present it to you! Have fun browsing through and wait for the next project.... Flowers,Bees&Butterflies Chandelier. Im still working a lot on it, so, I will post it soon.Tuddles~

Perfect as a Simple Present too~!

PotPourri Wonders

At last, something to write about just before my blog officially turn 1 month old.. Haha! That's very melodramatic of me.. Well, yea.. I've been very busy,obviously, Hari Raya and also other stuff (Not to mention many OpenHouse Invitations that I couldnt make it). Therefore, less time for Crafts time that I get for the past 3 weeks. And now that I have spent ample of time making stuff, I finally have something to show to all.

(Sorry, for the elaborated intro) As the Blog title is PotPourri Wonders, Ill be showing the art I made using my mom's old PotPourri. It is actually a dated project that I made few years back(when most of my holiday time is actually staying home). Was have the thoughts of making it at bulk for selling purposes tho. I guess the dream didnt come true. The art was just left inside the box. Poor thing. As for lastnite when I was looking for my Circle Template(didnt find it either), I found the PotPourri Art I made, and was obviously thrilled that I've managed the retrieve it. So I decided to take the pictures and let you all see.

Alright.. alright, more on the project rather than blabbing! The project was actually decorating a few of the Wooden Picture Frames(you can find it in IKEA) ,that I have loads of it at home,with potpourri, all around the frame. For the 1st frame, I used normal UHU glue but it was taking a long time for it to dry so, instead I'd used glue gun, which is way more efficient. Thus, I've created a fews designs and would like the pictures do the talking. Its actually simple tho, not much effort done, but I would like to share it with all and gain some feedbacks.

You can totally create one yourself. It is so freaking easy. You just need some creativity, and you're set! You will not only get a pretty looking Picture Frame, but as the same time, it smells nice too... Try it! Cheers!   

The 1st Design




The Finale

Told you it was simple. Do try.
More to come tho. I was just finishing on my 'the Gardens' project. Wait and see! Happy Viewing....